Haggadah – Expanded Edition


For over twenty-five years, this classic work has been an in-demand resource for tens of thousands of Seder tables. Clear, concise, yet thorough, Rabbi Elias brings out the essential meaning of the Haggadah text as it has been understood throughout the centuries, beginning with the primary Biblical and Rabbinic sources, and enhanced by the thoughts of great Torah sages throughout the ages

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Each year Jewish families join together to retell the story of our ancient forefathers’ Exodus from Egypt. This becomes a very enjoyable andsignificant event when one uses a Haggadah that truly explains the Seder, stepby step, with clear instructions, and the meaning of every aspect. ThisHaggadah is complete with:

  • An Overview
  • Preparation for Pesach / Passover
  • Preperation for the Seder
  • Full Hebrew text
  • New translation
  • Extensive anthologized commentary
  • Complete bibliography of sources

One will acheive a new depth of understanding delving into the pages of this Haggadah with its profound, thoroughly relevant commentary. This is theperennial best-seller, and with good reason. If you have only one Haggadah, it must be this one.

Full color soil resistant laminated cover.

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