More Tales for the Soul


Yair Weinstock is best known as a popular novelist. In this book, he recounts stories of elders and sages that inspire, entertain, and elevate.

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When people see a good thing, they want more. Yair Weinstock gave us “Tales for the Soul,” and it whetted our appetites, so here is the next course.

As a best-selling novelist – the author of Eye of the Storm, The Gordian Knot and Blackout – Weinstock is an author with an eye for detail, an ear for dialogue, and the skill to craft captivating plots. As a teller of classic stories, he uses all the tools of his craft and flavors them with the warmth and verve of his Chassidic background and the incisiveness of his Brisker Torah training. The result is a book of stories that inspire, entertain and elevate. Like its predecessor, this is a book to read, read aloud, meditate upon and remember.

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