People Speak 12


Twenty-Three People, Twenty-Three Compelling Stories

Author: Chaim Walder



  • Shabbat on Highway 6 A family finds itself stuck at a gas station on Highway 6 for Shabbat without food or shelter. It’s just them…and Am Yisrael. Secular, rightwing, leftist, fans of rival soccer teams Hapoel Tel Aviv and Beitar Jerusalem—they’re all there. This is a story that will turn your heart in all directions.
  • Turnstile A Jew on the brink of bankruptcy travels to America, hoping to find an investor to rescue him. But someone who gets into trouble once can’t seem to avoid it. Of all the hundreds of millions of people in American, he finds himself arguing with…one of the few people who can help him. Then he discovers that life is like a turnstile.
  • A Yerushalmi Miracle A young couple lives in poverty in a tiny apartment in the Old City. As if that’s not hard enough, a fire breaks out and makes their place uninhabitable. Can anything get them out of this mess?
  • Endless Light Employees of a company run by a well-known chareidi billionaire argue over whether their boss would give up a religious principle to avoid a million-dollar loss. It’s all speculation…until such a test actually presents itself. And when it does, it’s not just one million dollars on the line, but every single penny to his name.

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