Rav Druck on Machzor

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Unlocking the treasures of the Rosh Hashanah Prayers



Rav Yisroel Meir Druck, son of the famed “Maggid Meisharim” of Yerushalayim and a noted Torah scholar and popular speaker, brings our understanding of the Rosh HaShanah machzor to a whole new level. His insights, firmly based on a large variety of classic Torah sources, are brief, readable, and very, very intriguing.

Rav Druck on Machzor offers us a new clarity on concepts such as Hashem’s Kingship, mercy and judgement, the simanim of the holiday, the power of prayer, and so many more. Read it before the holiday, or take it with you to shul – your tefilos will never be the same!

Includes 3 fascinating Essays on the power of the Shofar.

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