Templates For The Ages


Rabbi Cohen shows how countless events of the past are foreshadowed in the Torah and that history is not a muddle of unrelated events, but a pattern that enables one to understand the past and the future as well.

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History can be a muddle of unrelated events – or it can be a template, a pattern that enables one understand not only the past, but the future. It depends on the person, on his wisdom and perceptiveness, and on the tradition through which he filters events.Rabbi David Cohen has a dazzling ability to peer into the past and see how it was a “template for the ages.” Using the principle of “the deeds of the forefathers are portents for their offspring,” he dazzles the reader in this original and stimulating book.Read it, ponder, and join one of the great minds of today’s rabbinate on a fascinating tour of history, using the road map of the Torah.This book is incredibly informative and enriching. Its endless revelations are eloquent testimony to the depth of the Torah and the brilliance of its author.

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