The Story of Rav Belsky


A biography for young readers

Hardcover Edition

Author:  Etti Goldstein

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Rav Yisroel Belsky was always teaching Torah. In the classroom, on a hike through a forest, looking at the stars on a dark night – wherever he was, he was teaching Torah, sometimes through a sefer, sometimes just by example. If a boy had a question or a problem — he turned to Rav Belsky. If a man needed a job, a loan, or just some encouraging words — he knew Rav Belsky would help. He was a rosh yeshivah, av beis din, world renowned posek — and the epitome of a caring, compassionate Jew.

Beautifully written by Etti Goldstein, Rav Belsky’s granddaughter, The Story of Rav Belsky paints a portrait of an amazing person whose teaching and caring changed the lives of thousands of Jews. Designed for readers ages 8 and up, The Story of Rav Belsky is both engaging and inspiring. Includes more than 120 photographs!


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